The Art Of Fellatio

Blowjob 101 

So many people have questions and/or concerns when it comes to giving head. Whether it be a lack of confidence, specific areas of concern, or even learning new oral sex techniques this fabulous fellatio class covers all the bases.

Got BJ questions?  


Hate gagging?  We gotcha covered!  
Jaw pain?  Yep, we’ve got solutions for that!
Balls?!?  What the heck are you supposed to do with them? You’ll be in the know!

Plus tons more awesome info!

Virtual Group Session

Virtuals sessions are held via zoom. These type of classes are good if still want a get together with friends but don't want to leave the house. Classes last  90 minutes


One on One Session

One one One sessions are private individual sessions with just you and me. I teach you the basics of blowjobs virtually in the comfort of your home. These are great for those who don't want a group session and prefer to learn in a more intimate setting