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20 Black Sex Coaches & Relationship Experts Host Free Online Sex & Intimacy Conference

More than 20 Black Sex Coaches, Relationship Experts, Life Coaches and Counselors will be doing their part to heal the world during quarantine this week. March 26-27 Sex Con Love organized by Myi Matthews, Sexpert and Founder of Lady Luxxxe Sexual Wellness, will be providing free access to workshops, panels and live Q&A’s on Intimacy, Sex and Relationships. The group of talented professionals grew concerned about the rise in domestic violence and altercations during quarantine. Collectively, the women decided to create a space for people of color to learn about their bodies & sexuality, grow their intimacy skills and strengthen their relationships. “As people of color, we tend to shy away from topics like sex and intimacy in public. We hope that by making the event virtual, more people will attend anonymously ,” said Myi Matthews, Founder of Lady Luxxxe, a sexual wellness company focused on education and empowerment of women in their sexual and reproductive health.

As adults, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves where our parents may have fallen short,” added Matthews. The conference’s mission and melanin is highly reflected in the line-up of speakers, presentations and live Q&A sessions. Among the many presenters are Shani Hart, Certified Sex Expert and co-owner of Harts Desires; Eunice Blakely, Licensed Professional Counselor, speaking on the importance of Mental Health Maintenance and Toxic Relationships, Yanni Brown, Certified Relationship Educator best known for her appearance on OWN Network; "Iyanla’s Fix My Life” Karina Maxwell , and Kreshonda Armstrong Registered Nurse and Wellness Brand Founder. Conference attendees can choose from a line-up of sessions and presentations that cover a wide range of topics, from how to make time for love with a full house, to panels including couples currently quarantined together sharing ways they are making the most of their time.

Sex Love Con also includes a segment that trains others in the field how to give virtual sessions and workshops. For more information about Sex Love Con to register or learn more about the conference, please visit

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