Do I Really Like Being Dominated During Sex Or Am I Just Lazy?

I saw this question asked on twitter the other day and it got me thinking, wait.... am I really lazy? Do I actually enjoy being dominated in bed or am I using that as an excuse? Well, truth is as surprising as this may sound I'm lazy *deep sigh*. Before you start shaking your head let me explain, as of late sex has become just something to do. I am not emotionally invested in any one particular person, which makes it hard for me to give sex all I got. The older I get the more I realize I need an emotional connection for sex to be worth a damn. I don't necessarily have to be in love or anything but I do have to have an emotional investment of some kind. When the emotional piece is missing so is my enthusiasm, which causes me to go through the motions aka lazy sex.

Another realization I had is if I'm being completely honest I don't want to be the dominant one in the bedroom because I just don't want to. I have to take charge and be the boss of everything in my life and quite frankly I don't have the energy nor desire to be the boss in the bedroom too. This is where I give my man total control. Do to me what you wish. Tell me what you want me to do to you. Guide me, show me, tell me and lead me! Take your rightful place as head and dominant this pussy just don't ask me to take charge.

And for the record, let me clarify what lazy sex is, well at least what it is for me. So yall won't be out here thinking when I say I enjoy being lazy, I'm not just laying there like a corpse. I do participate it just not at 100%. I do believe that it is my obligation to make sure my partner is pleased every time. I just might go about pleasing him in a lazy way, i.e. only doing missionary position, no deep throat, or only having the stamina for a quickie versus a whole 30-minute session.

However COMMA, just because I give lazy sex doesn't give him an excuse to slack off and give me lazy sex. I know that may seem like the epitome of selfish but hear me out. If I am giving lazy sex and so is my partner who is really being pleased here?? We both can't be lazy lol, somebody has to be putting in most of the work and since I naturally believe men do this anyway when it comes to sex why not let him make like Nike and just do it. See it totally makes sense, right...right! Lol

So I pose the question to you, are you really being submissive because you like being dominated or are you lazy like me? lol

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