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Five Sexy Social Distancing Dating Ideas Because The Rona Won't Let Us Be Great.

The Coronavirus has to be the BIGGEST cockblocker of the century. Like this shit is mad ghetto. To make matters worst, we don't even know how long it's going to last. We all out here celibate by force, because that damn Rona! If you are like me and really miss good ole quality time (*cough cough* d***) here are some ideas to help make these Rona filled days somewhat bearable.

1. Read an erotic story or poem to your partner via Zoom or Facetime. Reading helps to stimulate the imagination. Read the story as if it was written about your partner. Bonus points if you act out some of the story as a visual.

2. Masturbate together over the phone and just listen to each other's noises. Set the mood on your end, dim the lights, light candles or play soft music. Masturbate as you normally would but have your partner on speakerphone so they can hear you while you're doing it. This creates togetherness even if you're not physically the same room.

3. Buy an interactive sex toy. Interactive sex toys were made for such a time as this. They are primarily marketed for lovers in long-distance relationships. Interactive sex toys are controlled by Bluetooth or an app. One partner has control of the app while the other partner physically has the toy. This is a fun way to share an orgasm with your partner.

4. Send nudes..lots and lots of Nudes. Keep the fire going with your partner by sending nudes all throughout the day. Get creative and pick a different nude theme each day.

5. Have a sexy movie night. Netflix has introduced a new way to use their streaming service. They now have the Netflix Party app, which allows you and other people to watch a movie together at the same time, with a group chat feature. Download the Netflix app, pick a movie you both want to watch, and enjoy it together.

What other things have you tried to keep it sexy with a partner during this pandemic that are not on the list? Add your favorites to the comments.

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