Online Sex Classes To Take During The Quarantine.

It's week four of the quarantine and if you are like me you are bored and {OVER IT}. Lucky for all of us, Sexpert Tyomi has us covered, starting this week she will be hosting a daily Live Sexual Interactive Webinars featuring a different expert with a different topic. These webinars were curated for guest to interact, ask questions and gain knowledge. Classes start nightly at 8 pm eastern standard time. Sign up for webinars here,

April 7th--Facesitting For Couples

April 8th---Pursuing Unicorns, Threesomes and More.

April 9th-Chakra 101: What Color Is Your Healing?

April 10th--Maximize Your Orgasm

April 11th Fantasy Sex: Porn vs. Reality

April 13th-Managing Long Distance Relationships

April 14th- Hacking Arousal

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