Sex Advice: I came too quickly and now she maybe mad!

Hi Ashley,

Last night I went over a friends house for basically what ended up as a booty call. There was a lot of foreplay, sex games etc. Trying to guess each other’s spot, sucking, licking, etc. So we finally started fucking in missionary. After about 2-3 mins in that position, she was like hit it from the back. I had previously told her, I save that position for last, because it gets me every time, I think it’s seeing the ass jiggling uncontrollably lol. So when she said it, I was like I told you, we need to save that for last, are you trying to make me cum quick? She says yes. So I do it, and cum after a minute or two. At this point I’m embarrassed, I feel like no one who’s enjoying sex wants it to end that quick. I was supposed to stay the night, but I was like I’m gon head back and told her why. She claims that she enjoyed it, and that she had came and wanted me to cum because the person she’s with cumming turns her on and get her off. And that she wants me to stay, this was our first time being together. She’s been hitting me up and apologizing, saying she feels like she’s messed things up, and that she really did enjoy it. I was just wondering what your thoughts were? I just feel like she wasn’t enjoying it and wanted it to end.


I think you may be in your feelings and the reason why I say that is because if she told you that she liked it it's a possibility that she liked it. I do know that women tend to lie about their enjoyment of sexual experiences however in this case I think she just didn't want to have a long session. As you stated above she already came and I think for her she was just over it. She had already got her enjoyment and she was ready for you to get yours. Because I'm going to tell you about me I don't like Marathon sex, if we can't get this thing on and popping in a good 20 to 30 minutes Ashley is over it. Just to clarify when I say 20 -30 minutes I don't mean total because I feel like foreplay should be about 20-30 minutes just by itself so I’m talking like 20-30 minutes of penetration. I don't want to be penetrated more than 30 minutes, because if you did the 20 minutes for the foreplay we're already at 40 minutes to an hour. Relax, she probably was just tired. I also think because she's apologizing that she still wants to see and probably is still interested. I believe you have some type of insecurities around your sexual performance. I don't know if you've had negative reviews in the past or if someone said something about how quickly you come but know that not all women are the same and some like shorter sessions. My advice would be to move past your insecurities and to try it again. A good sign that it’s not as big of an issue as you think is she’s communicating and listening and that’s always a positive.