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Sex Q&A: Sex Was Good But He Still Hasn't Reached Out.

Dear Ashley,

Monday I had sex with this man who was amazing in bed. I'm excited about the next session however, I'm not getting repeat vibes. It's been three days, and from previous experiences most men DM, inbox, or text you Good Morning the next day. This man did nothing. I don't wanna be overzealous and hit him up, so what should I do keep my mind off this fun dick.

Dear Don't Want To Be Over Zealous,

Text him!! If you really want to reach out, you should send him a really simple and cute text message just to check-in. A lot of time men are just as nervous as we are and are pondering the same thoughts too. A quick message will save you from stressing and will let you know where the two of you stand. Don't fall victim to the dating game rules. Reach out!

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