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Sex Toy of the Week

The sex toy of the week is the I'm Hooked by Bedroom Kandi. This toy is a G-spot stimulator that has 7 captivating pre-set vibration patterns.

The G-spot is an erogenous zone in the vagina. It is often touted as the most erogenous zone in a woman’s body. Some women are very easily aroused by massaging on their G-spot, while it is not the case for most of the women. The G-spot of every woman needs stimulation, massages, and erotic caresses to get it hot. Before you use the toy, it is recommended that you should explore your body with your hands and your fingers. This will help you locate your G-spot before using the sex toy.

You should always start using it slowly and with lube. This will help you in maintaining the ease of using the G-spot toy without any problem. You should cover your vibrator with loads of lube and slide it in approximately two inches. Press the tip of the vibrator against the wall of your vagina.

Some other reasons to use a G-spot vibrator are: If you are single and looking to amp up your sex life. If your partner is away and you are missing their touch. If you are looking for added pleasure during sex with your partner. If you want to experience powerful orgasms during sex.

Interested in exploring your g-spot? Well, you definitely should try this toy. For more details or to purchase check here,

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