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The Kandi Kisses comes in a small box with an outer sleeve. The toy sits in a satin lined insert and the charger is under the toy in the same insert. Overall, I think the package is very classy.

The Kandi Kisses is about 4″ in total length and slightly under 1″ in diameter. It has two parts to it, the vibe and the cap. With the cap on, it looks a lot like a fancy lipstick tube. The cap has a rounded tip and the Bedroom Kandi logo on it. The main vibe part, has a textured bottom and a gold ring at the top. Both the cap and the base of the vibe are ABS plastic. Taking off the cap reveals the pink silicone tip. The tip is about 0.75″ in diameter and just under 2″ in length. I believe it’s plastic covered with silicone because the tip is very firm and has no give to it. It is a very soft silicone though, so there is very little drag. I would suggest only using a water based lube with it though, since it is silicone. You don’t have to remove the cap to use it, but it can make it rattle if’s not tight. It’s also easy to clean. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, or wipes. There aren’t too many seams to edges and it’s water-proof. With the cap on, I think it’s very discreet. I’ve asked several people if they could tell what it was and they all thought it looked like expensive lipstick.

As far as the vibrations go, they are extremely buzzy and decently strong. It has three steady speeds of vibration and four escalating/pulsing patterns. To turn it on, you press and hold the small button on the bottom that has the function symbol on it. Once it turns on, a press of the button will cycle it through it’s speeds and patterns. To turn it off, you push and hold it. The spot for the charger seals up well, so I would not worry about getting water in the plug when using in the shower or bath.

If the Kandi Kisses peaked your interest be sure to check out here,

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