The Sex Toy Buyers' Guide

Updated: Apr 12

I know buying sex toys can be overwhelming. You go to a sex store and don't know what to buy, everything looks the same. You wonder things like, what does this do? Where does that go? Will this work? See, overwhelming! Luckily for you, I'm going to help make sex toy shopping a tad bit easier by giving you four tips that will make your next trip to the store a little more relaxed.

SIZE: Like with penises size does matter with toys. The first thing you have to ask yourself, do I want a small toy? Do I want a big toy? Do I want a medium-size toy? Do I want a toy that I can take with me traveling in the airport, in my suitcase? Do I want a toy that is discrete?

MATERIAL: Is it body-safe? You don't want to be putting toxins in your body. Like we have enough stuff going on with the air we breathe in. Shit now you can even eat a salad without them killing you. So you definitely don't want to add toxic toys to the mix. A good rule of thumb is if the toy has a scent to it before use, don’t buy it. If the toy can't be properly sterilized it’s a negative. Toys that you want to purchase are 100% silicone, metal, titanium, steel, stone, or glass. These toys are body safe and do not produce toxins.

PURPOSE: Before you buy a toy you need to know your why. What do you want this toy for? Is the toy for solo play? Or for you and a partner? Is the toy for a particular region of your body? Is the toy for clitoral stimulation? Is the toy for vaginal stimulation? Is the toy for anal play? Do you want a toy that is controlled through an app or one that is rechargeable? All of these are important things you need to know beforehand when going to buy a toy.

FEATURES: Features are the icing on top of the cake. That is what really counts when it comes to finding the perfect toy. Let’s say you are looking for a toy that vibrates, how many vibration speeds does it have? Does it pulsate and vibrate? Do you want a toy that's waterproof so you can use it in the tub or in the shower? Do you want to toy with that has suction? Do you want a toy that spins or thrust? What about one that remote controlled? See all of these things are things you need to think about before going to the store. So what type of features do you want for your toy?

Once you figure out these four things, it will make going sex toy shopping less stressful. If you need more information on how to find the perfect sex toy, you can book a session with me and I will help you find the right sex toy for your sexual needs.

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