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The "You Know Where"

Fayetteville, North Carolina is home of Ft. Bragg (The largest military base in the country), rapper J. Cole, and The YKW, the biggest swinger club in the state. The YKW an abbreviation for The You Know Where is a 12,000sq ft lifestyle club that is open every Saturday from 8 pm-3 am and every other Friday. I have personally been a member of the YKW for little over a year now and get asked all the time about my experience. As a way to better educate the masses about my experience I have decided to share my review of the club.

Venue: The YKW is a huge club. When you first walk in you have a lobby where you register and pay etc. Once you enter the club you walk into the main floor that consists of a dance floor with a live DJ, cabana beds, tables and chairs, and food bar. YKW is BYOB so they do not sell liquor, however, they do supply a holding place for coolers.

In addition to the main floor, YKW offers private bedrooms, a dungeon, glory holes, smokers room, game room, locker rooms and orgy room.

Cleanliness: At sex clubs/parties cleanliness is truly next to godliness. As one would imagine, it's a lot of bodily fluids that get passed around in a place like this so its a must that the venue is clean. At YKW every room is stocked with condoms, lube, wipes, paper towels and extra clean sheets. They provide everything you need to have a safe, clean and enjoyable night.

Food: If you're like me and like to eat then YKW has you covered. They have a 20-foot long buffet filled with food that lasts the whole night. Food consist of breakfast items, to spaghetti, mini-subs, meatballs, fruit and salad. The food is good and FREE! That's right once you pay your entry free everything, including food, is included.

Music: No one comes to a sex club because the music is amazing, so this may or may not be even important but since they offer a live dj and dance floor, let's discuss. The music played is definitely Pop and geared more towards a caucasian crowd; which makes sense because most of the club members are caucasian, but we will talk about that in a second. So don't come expecting to hear Cardi B or Jay-z, because you will be disappointed.

Crowd/Members: Most members of sex clubs are white and the YKW is no different. If I had to guess the ratio of the white member to non-white members it would probably be around 90/10. I will say that some nights seem to have more people of color than others. I don't know if that is due to the nightly theme for the evening, because each week its a different theme or just the luck of the draw. However, based on my personal experience Friday nights seemed to be the best nights to meet single Black men.

Overall Rating: The YKW is a solid "B". It's safe and clean, however, it's a little dated on the inside and I prefer more leather-like furniture that would be easy to wipe down. But overall you will enjoy your first experience there.

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