Toy Store Spotlight: Hart's Desires

This month's Sex Toy Store feature is Hart's Desires located in the DMV area.

What made you want to open up an adult novelty store? My husband actually started the business before we met and had a location in Suitland. Since we've been in business together we've opened up a second store in DC and moved our original store to another unit three times the size in the same shopping center. I was in love with the business at first introduction. I had been in a few adult stores and never got that comfortable feeling. I was always in and out as quick as possible. I wanted Hart's Desires to be a posh boutique company that everyone, especially women, would want to spend time in and have a memorable experience. What makes your store different? Decor, education, and quality of products. As soon as you walk in the store you know this is different than any other "sex shop" you've been in before. We have beautiful furniture, chandeliers, beautifully designed walls, and it's laid out in a very open manner. After you take in the decor, our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions and truly educate you on your purchase decisions. We also pride ourselves on carrying great quality, body safe, and current products.

What is your best selling item? Right now it's definitely the Fantasy For Her vibrator. It keeps going viral every few months and they fly off of the shelves!

Do you host events in your store? If so what kind of events? Yes we hold sexuality events. It's actually my favorite part of being a part of the store. As a trained sex educator I live to talk to people about all things sex. We have fun sexy themed parties (with clothing on lol) such as Ladies Game night and Couples Game Night. We also have sex ed workshops such as Fearless Fellatio, Couple's Intimacy, Vibrators and Vino, Into to BDSM, Talk to your kids about sex, and others. What Is the best part about owning an adult toy store? Getting to try out ERRRRYTHANG!! LOL Well, that's for my own pleasure. The real best part is when I'm talking to someone about sex toys or sexuality in general and I can actually see the light bulb go off on top of their head. They're just a lil more confident in their sexuality than when they walked in.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own brick and mortar store? I get asked this question a lot and one day I think I'll be able to come up with an answer. It's hard to explain when you haven't followed a real plan. You robbed Peter to pay Paul. You watched Youtube videos to figure out how to set up everything in the beginning because you couldn't afford to pay anyone. You picked your lip up off the floor when the people weren't beating your door down in the beginning like you thought. Buuuuut......after you hustle for a while with a capital "H", you'll look around and the pride you feel is indescribable. And *eventually*, you'll make a profit lol. If you don't fail at something in the process, you're not doing it right. For more information about Hart's Desires, visit one of the store locations or shop online.

3613 St Barnabas Rd. Suitland, MD 20746

2408 18th St Washington, DC 20009 IG @hartsdesires