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Hi! I'm Ashley!

Welcome to my world! I'm not just a sex blogger, not solely a sex educator. I am a sex influencer, that brings the conversation of Black women's pleasure to the forefront.


I share my wisdom and opinions about all things sex on my vlog Gossip and 'Gasms. I provide authentic unfiltered sex advice on Madame Noire Sex Advice Column, "Dear Ashley".  As well as provide an outlet for others to share their sex stories on my podcast Hoe And Tell Podcast. I truly believe people who talk about sex have better sex and it's my mission make these conversations less taboo.

Audio hoe Sh*t

In her podcast, Hoe And Tell, Ashley  and her Co-host Crystal  share the stories of pleasure, excitement, and “hoe”some fun with narration and commentary. We want the world to have sex and sex more abundantly.​


And that comes from trying new things, unleashing your desires and all of us TALKING ABOUT IT MORE.​ That’s what Hoe & Tell is all about.

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Let's Work!

From product reviews to speaking engagements to brand ambassadorship, I'm excited to work with you to bring sexual awareness and education to your audience and to the world.

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