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There are certain individuals meant to help us find the truth about the world of pleasure,

and Ashley Cobb

is one of them.


Ashley Cobb is the millennial microphone for women of the world seeking to find and give their partners ultimate pleasure and great sex. Ashley Cobb, “your favorite friend in filth” is the founder of Sex with Ashley, an interactive, educational, and informative platform focused on sexual health, sensual pleasure, and orgasmic tools to make the pleasure principle more like the pleasure placement. 


As a former educator, Ashley knows all about teaching others. She is the sexpert, leader, and influencer that brings the conversation of women’s pleasure to the forefront, and crosses generational lines and gender identities to reach men and women everywhere. Ashley spends countless hours experimenting, researching, and trying new positions, toys, and tools to “teach the people ”through social media and in-person experiences. Her entertaining approach for educating others about sex makes her the voice everyone loves to hear. 


Ashley Cobb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Biology. She also has studied Human Sexuality and Pleasure at The Dr. Rachel Institute and is currently working on her BodySex certification under Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross.

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