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I Talk About Sex For A Living

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I Talk About Sex For A Living!

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As a seasoned panelist, I have had the privilege of speaking on many panels, I pride myself on my ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible and engaging way. Through my fluent articulation and dynamic delivery, I have captured the attention and admiration of audiences from all walks of life.


The majority of college students learned about sex from embarrassing conversations with their parents, confusion from their friends, abstinence driven sex education classes in high school, or through their own trial and error.

Because of this, I have developed various engaging college workshops designed to meet the specific needs of students. My workshop teaches students about the most common myths about sex, as well as the truths about sex, including how to make sex and relationships healthy and fun for students of all genders.

College Bookings:

Wally’s World of Ent.


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As a seasoned speaker and advocate, I possess a unique ability to discuss sex education, HIV education and pleasure. 


My extensive knowledge and practical experience of working with women from different cultural backgrounds, I can provide comprehensive education on issues that may be overlooked or minimized in mainstream discussions of sexual health.


Through my speaking engagements, I aim to empower Black women with vital knowledge of HIV prevention, contraception use, and sexual pleasure while affirming the importance of self-care and awareness. 

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