That Time My Yeast Infection Turned Out To Be An STD.

It was a normal day at my gynecologist, I was there to get the dreaded Pap Smear and full panel STD testing. I get tested for HIV yearly, but only get a full panel done at my pap. This was my first full panel in three years,because my doctor told me I no longer needed to get them yearly and should wait two to three years before my next one. Everything went as expected, it was all normal except for the fact that I had a yeast infection. This was not alarming to me because I am prone to yeast infections, so the fact that I had one wasn't shocking. The doctor prescribed the usual cream and I went on about my life, that was until my phone rang a few days later.

Nothing makes you more nervous than an unexpected call from the doctor you just had an appointment with. When my phone rang, I immediately thought "Oh, Lord What's Wrong?". I answered the phone nervously, as the nurse on the other end said Hello Ms. Cobb. "We received your test results from your pap and you tested positive for chlamydia. CHLAMYDIA *in my Soulja Boi voice*!!! How did I get that, I haven't had sex in months? I don't have any symptoms. As I later found out and from what the nurse explained to me over the phone is that you can have chlamydia for month or even years without the first symptom. Or in my case have symptoms that mimic those of a yeast infection. Also because I had unprotected sex with literally a couple of people over the course of three years there was no way to pinpoint it to a particular person, although I had my suspicions. So here I was with chlamydia and no clue as to whom I caught it from, this is the part of Hot Girl Summer they don't tell you about. Ironically enough each of the individuals I was engaging with unprotected I was monogamous with, so either they had it before we connected and didn't know or they were passing out dick to other bitches.

STD's are very common and a risk we take everyday when engaging in unprotected sex with anybody. There is no need to feel shame or to beat yourself up about it. Shit happens. So when it does, go to the pharmacy, picked up your prescribed antibiotics and make better decisions the next time. The biggest lesson I learned that day is to always, always wear condoms even if I am only fucking one person because I don't know who he fucked before me or when he's not with me. Also the next time I think I have a yeast infections I'm making a doctor's appointment ASAP.